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Summer Institute

An immersive, five-week nuclear leadership and professional development programme for future leaders in the nuclear industry

The 2022 Summer Institute is no longer accepting applications.


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Non-World Nuclear Association Members ---------   16,000  

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About the Programme

What does effective nuclear leadership look like and how can you prepare to lead your nuclear organization into the future. 

Built on a foundation of instruction from the world’s leading nuclear experts, World Nuclear University’s annual immersive, five-week leadership development programme brings together nuclear professionals from around the world to share knowledge and broaden horizons. Through a mix of taught lectures, mentored group work, industry-focused projects, and technical site visits, Summer Institute Fellows will improve their leadership capabilities and team effectiveness. 

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What our alumni say

"It is an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to learn and meet giants in the industry is amazing. I cemented friendships with people from all of the globe. It is a special experience that I would recommend to anyone in the industry." 

SI Fellow | 2016


Summer Institute Fellows will:

1. Gain a deeper awareness of personal leadership style

2. Learn how to leverage leadership to exceed organizational goals and objectives

3. Discover frameworks for building resilience into organizational culture and drive workplace innovation

4. Develop a holistic perspective of the nuclear industry

5. Build meaningful, lasting relationships

6. Access a global network of Summer Institute Alumni

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Programme topics

The Summer Institute programme covers a wide range of nuclear industry topics*



  • Effective Nuclear Communications 

  • Public Perception

  • Stakeholder Engagement



  • Styles and Theories 

  • Leading in High-Risk Environments

  • Organizational Change 

  • Operational Leadership 

Business Fundamentals


  • Economics 

  • Project Management 

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Supply Chains 

  • Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

Safety and Security


  • Security and Non-Proliferation  

  • Safety Culture and Regimes 

  • Radiological Protection

Fuel Cycle 


  • Front and Back End  

  • Security of Supply 

  • Reprocessing and Disposal 

Plant Management and Operations


  • Asset Management

  • Uprates

  • Long Term Operation 

Innovations and Emerging Technology


  • Current Designs and New Build

  • SMAs and Advanced Reactors 

  • Technological Innovations 

  • Fusion 

Energy and Sustainability


  • Clean Energy Market 

  • Sustainable Development 

  • Regional and National Nuclear Updates 

Back-End Considerations 


  • Decommissioning 

  • Waste Management 

  • Used Fuel Management

*Programme topics subject to change

Previous SI experts and faculty 

Over the years, numerous prominent nuclear industry thought-leaders have attended the Summer Institute as mentors, speakers, and invited leaders, to share their in-depth leadership experiences with Fellows. Below are a few of the many industry experts who have joined WNU's Summer Institute:

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Sama Bilbao y León

President, World Nuclear University

Amir Shahkarami

CEO, Exelon

William Magwood

Helmut Engelbrecht

Director General, OECD/NEA

Former CEO, Urenco Ltd

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Jacques Regald

Kirill Komarov

Chairman, WANO

First Deputy Director General, ROSATOM

Lisa Thiele

Liudmila Zalimskay

Senior General Counsel, CNSC

General Director, TENEX

Mary Alice Hayward
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Untitled design-67.png

Mary Alice Hayward

Deputy Director General, IAEA

Naohiro Masuda

Chief Decommissioning Officer, Fukushima Daiichi, TEPCO

Tim Gitzel

Shaun Jenkinson

CEO, Cameco Corp.


Thinking behind the programme

As the nuclear industry grows and evolves, so do the challenges of demonstrating good leadership in a constantly changing industry. 

WNU introduced the Summer Institute in 2005 to provide future leaders with a solid foundation of core nuclear principles alongside a broad curriculum of leadership, communications, and organizational development skills. 

Group work and mentoring

Throughout the course, fellows are presented with real-life scenarios and tasked with working in small groups to solve some of the most critical issues facing the nuclear industry. Groups are curated to be culturally and professionally diverse, and comprised of fellows from different backgrounds, genders, and nationalities. Each small working group is facilitated by a mentor, who provides guidance and personal coaching to help fellows further their leadership skills and improve their organizational flexibility and resilience capabilities. 

Unique locations and technical tours

Each year, the Summer Institute is hosted by a different nation from a unique region. In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, fellows are immersed into the local culture through excursions, sightseeing, and social and cultural gatherings. The goal of these experiences is to create a strong bond between participants, while highlighting the unique offerings of the host nation. 


Facilitated and independent social events allow participants to develop networking skills and cultural sensitivities that will help them lead the industry into the future. WNU programmes also offer a rare opportunity to tour the host country's nuclear facilities, allowing fellows to visit exclusive sites and interact with those who work in these facilities. 

See previous SI locations

Curated curriculum 

The Summer Institute's unique curriculum is curated in collaboration with international organizations, including WNU's founding supporters, WNA, IAEA, WANO, and the OECD/NEA, and a global network of nuclear industry partners. Through these partnerships, WNU has access to a wide range of experts from nuclear nations to provide unique and balanced perspectives with the participants. 


For a more information about the Summer Institute, visit: www.world-nuclear-university.org/programmes/summer-institute

To get in contact with the WNU team directly, email: wnu@world-nuclear.org

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